Kelly: disabilities services officer, Collingwood
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Kelly: disabilities services officer, Collingwood

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Kelly Moore, Service Coordinator, Independence Australia

VIDEO: Kelly Moore sitting in an office.

Graphic on screen: Service Coordinator, Kelly Moore

AUDIO: Hi I’m Kelly Moore. I work for Independence Australia and I’m a service coordinator for in-home supports.

Graphic on screen: Independence Australia, Collingwood

VIDEO: Kelly Moore and one of her clients walking down the street.

AUDIO: We assist clients in staying in their own homes and assist them in regaining, retaining and extending their independence on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore in the office.

AUDIO: I’ve always had an interest in the disability sector.

VIDEO: A course search results page on the Victorian Skills Gateway for the Certificate IV in Disability.

AUDIO: So I did a certificate IV in Disability Studies when I was eighteen. That course is extremely beneficial – looking at client needs, communication; the disability sector as a whole.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore talking on the phone at her desk.

AUDIO: A typical day – the different tasks that I would do would be liaise with clients regarding the supports and how they ‘d like to receive them, liaising with support workers; ensuring they are attending their rostered shifts, they’re aware of all their shift tasks and adequately trained and that the gel between the support worker and the client is a match.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore arriving at a client’s home and greeting each other.

AUDIO: I guess the skills that you need to be a good service coordinator would be to be a people person.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore in the office with a support worker and a client.

AUDIO: Other attributes may include patience, good organisational skills good communication skills, to be able to look beyond the disability and help that person achieve whatever it is that they’d like to do.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore sitting in an office.

AUDIO: I guess my favourite thing about my job is working with a variety of brilliant people.

VIDEO: Kelly Moore interacting with clients and support workers in various locations.

AUDIO: Getting to know them and also supporting them to achieve things that they want to do. It’s a really good feeling. What I would say to people who are thinking about getting into the disability industry, it’s a fantastic industry to be in, there’s a lot of opportunity for career development. The disability industry is definitely flexible, so you can work around uni, TAFE also, like me, you can make a big career out of it assisting people achieve their independence.

VIDEO: (fade to black)

Graphic on screen: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Logo.

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