Lisa: community worker, Wonga Park
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Lisa: community worker, Wonga Park

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Lisa Edwards, Recreation Volunteer Coordinator, Independence Australia, Wonga Park

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards standing in a park.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards, Recreation Volunteer Coordinator.

AUDIO: My official job title is Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator for Independence Australia.

VIDEO: Wonga Park Hall.

VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Independence Australia, Wonga Park.

AUDIO: I spent ten years working in the banking industry…

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards interacting with people working on art and craft projects.

AUDIO: …and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to be involved in a disability employment agency, where we would work with people who had been out of employment for a matter of five-ten years. I went on to uni to get a Diploma of Community Development.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards standing in a park.

AUDIO: At the start of the course I guess you learn how to run a day program or a recreation program…

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards filling out forms with a client.

AUDIO: …that could even be signing people up; having the correct assessment forms.

VIDEO: Tools and paintbrushes in the classroom.

AUDIO: There’s a TAFE course that’s full-time two years or part-time four years.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards standing in a park.

AUDIO: It’s working with people. Working with people; it’s as simple as that.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards helping a client with a mosaic.

AUDIO: Talking to them one-on-one, finding out what they’d like to do; a painting or a mosaic.

VIDEO: A client working on a painting.

AUDIO: You’re working with them together and the end result: there’s your painting, there’s your mosaic.

VIDEO: The finished painting and mosaic.

AUDIO: With aids and equipment, technology, the whole works. I think people are just able to achieve what they want.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards standing in a park.

AUDIO: Getting involved in this industry and the whole recreation, it’s about getting out there....

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards talking to a client about their artwork.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards standing in a park.

AUDIO: …and especially this field, it’s completely out of the box.

VIDEO: Lisa Edwards assisting clients with their projects.

AUDIO: So you give a little bit of your time to everybody. Visit your local neighbourhood house, community centre; approach them, let them know that you’re interested. It’s about witnessing and observing what goes on.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
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