Megan: carpenter, Heidelberg
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Megan: carpenter, Heidelberg

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Megan Ronaldson Certificate III in General Construction NMIT Dynamic Developments
Megan stands in front of a construction site.

AUDIO: Hi, I’m Megan. I’m twenty-one and I’m an apprentice carpenter.

VIDEO: Graphic Title on Screen: Name: Megan Ronaldson Age: 21 Certificate III in General Construction (Carpentry- Framework/Formwork/ Finishing) TAFE/ Training Provider: NMIT Employer: Dynamic Developments

VIDEO: Megan measures a long beam of wood. Megan drives out of site in a white station wagon.

VIDEO: Megan is sitting in the middle of the site.

AUDIO: I went to uni; I did a semester there at La Trobe. Um, I just wasn’t enjoying it, didn’t know where I was going with it. So I flipped open a VTAC book and I came across carpentry and thought ‘Yeah I like that, that might better suit what I want my lifestyle to be like.’

VIDEO: Fast-tracking the construction of the house. Megan carries a ladder around site. Megan uses the nail gun.

AUDIO: It’s mostly about being outside for me. It’s about not sitting down and staying active and keeping up with the pace of the work and collaborating with other peoples and strangers and new environments everyday and travelling around.

VIDEO: Megan uses jig-saw.

AUDIO: At the end of this apprenticeship, I will have my Certificate III in Carpentry which I’ve just obtained a couple of weeks ago from finishing my schooling and then when my boss and I feel that I’m ready, I’ll have all my official papers as a qualified carpenter.

VIDEO: Megan hammers vigorously into wood, and then climbs down a ladder.

Audio: Managing a team of apprentices is really great. I love teaching them things and they love knowing it, they’re still fresh and keen. They help me work things out, we work well together that way and it just helps me learn what I already know and figure out different ways to do what we do.

VIDEO: Megan is measuring distance.

AUDIO: I’m passionate about being a carpenter because it’s incredibly rewarding at the end of the day once you see what you’ve done after a long hard day and I think you need to be to stay motivated in this job. It’s very physically demanding and equally rewarding.

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