Erin: agronomist, Donald
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Erin: agronomist, Donald

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Erin Johns Agricultural Consultant and Agronomist JSA Independent Donald
Erin Johns standing in a field.

VIDEO: Erin Johns standing in a field.

Graphic on screen: Erin Johns Agricultural Consultant and Agronomist

AUDIO: Some people call it a Crop Doctor. I’m a trainee consultant and agronomist for JSA Independent.

VIDEO: Erin Johns getting out of her car to open a gate to a field.

Graphic on screen: JSA Independent Donald

AUDIO: Growing up on the family farm, we have crops down there and it was just of interest to me. Something a little bit different from going back to the farm to work.

VIDEO: Erin Johns walking through the field and inspecting the crop.

AUDIO: Yeah, a farmer’s right hand man sometimes. We go out and visit farms, check on their crops; how they’re developing, monitor for weeds, insects and diseases; recommend products which can help fix that. And we follow that up with plant nutrition which we can tell through crop symptoms.

VIDEO: Erin Johns standing in a field.

AUDIO: I went to a private TAFE college up Horsham way.

VIDEO: Erin Johns locking the gate to the field and heading back to her car.

AUDIO: The college is based on a farm and actually run as a farm. We did a lot of practical stuff from general crop monitoring for assignment and looking at weeds and diseases and things to pre-testing cattle…

VIDEO: Erin Johns entering values into a laptop computer in her car.

AUDIO: Then I was able to do agronomy too.

VIDEO: Erin Johns inspecting crops, pulling weeds and walking through a field.

AUDIO: That sort of focused more on plant nutrition and a bit more biology and soils. I got in touch with the college who helped me find this job.

VIDEO: Erin Johns driving back to her office.

AUDIO: Big focus is helping the farmer out rather than selling or pushing products. Yeah, largely about relationship building.

VIDEO: Erin Johns cleaning soil of a weed she removed from the field.

AUDIO: They’re more happy to be guided by you when it’s like that.

VIDEO: Erin Johns wrapping the weed in cotton wool and working at her desk.

AUDIO: I find the balance between office work and practical outside work is really good. You can certainly travel with this. You can go right around the world.

VIDEO: Erin Johns standing in a field.

AUDIO: For every one graduate there’s about four jobs, I think is the rough statistic. You sort of become friends with the farmers, in the end, yeah. Which is great.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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