Richard: automotive mechanic, Dandenong South
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Richard: automotive mechanic, Dandenong South

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Richard Newbury Certificate III in Auto Chisholm Institute of TAFE Construction Equipment Australia
Richard Newbury is standing next to earth moving vehicles.

AUDIO: Hi, my name’s Richard. I’m twenty-five. I’m an apprentice diesel technician for JCB Construction Corp in Australia.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Richard Newbury Age: 25 Apprenticeship: Certificate III Auto (Mechanical- Heavy mobile Equipment Plant/ Earth Moving / Agriculture TAFE/Training Provider: Chisholm Institute of TAFE Employer: Construction Equipment Australia

VIDEO: Richard is underneath vehicle, fixing things.

VIDEO: Richard is sitting next to heavy machinery.

AUDIO: I finished Year Twelve and I went to RMIT to do aerospace engineering and I felt that it was not hands on enough for me.

AUDIO: My friends, they inspired me. Watching them progress through something that they loved and how much enjoyment they got out of doing their apprenticeship made me want to get into an apprenticeship and do something that I enjoyed which is heavy earth moving.

VIDEO: Richard is controlling vehicle and lifts dirt.

VIDEO: Richard is sitting down next to heavy machinery.

AUDIO: I did the course in Frankston. It was very involved, you had your hands on and you also had your paper work side of things.

VIDEO: Richard puts on protective head gear and begins blow torch.

AUDIO: It was extensive, it went through everything, but at the same time it was fun. You’re always learning, I think that’s a big thing because you never get bored, you’re always out in the field, mucking around, having a bit of fun.

VIDEO: Richard is fixing heavy machine.

AUDIO: I wouldn’t choose anything else right now, I’m happy where I am and I wouldn’t go back to doing aerospace engineering, I think I’ll stick with this for a good part of my career.

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