Bradley: electrician, Bayswater
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Bradley: electrician, Bayswater

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Bradley Clarke Certificate III in Electrotechnology Box Hill TAFE Air Control Australia
Bradley Clarke standing on the roof of an industrial site.

AUDIO: Hi, my name’s Brad. I’m twenty-two, and I’m an electrical apprentice.

VIDEO: Graphic Title on Screen: Name: Bradley Clarke Age: 22 Apprenticeship: Certificate III in Electrotechnology Systems Electrician TAFE/Training Provider: Box Hill TAFE Employer: Air Control Australia Pty. Ltd.

VIDEO: Brad climbs ladder. Brad carries tools over to a box where he then removes a bit of metal.

VIDEO: Brad is sitting on a rooftop

AUDIO: Before my apprenticeship, I was working in a factory for three months and I wasn’t really going to get anywhere working in the factory environment and the only room for growth was to make a change and I felt that a hands-on role would be good for my personality.

VIDEO: Brad drills a nail into metal.

AUDIO: Starting out, I’ve got to admit, there wasn’t a lot that I could do. I wasn’t very talented. Just like anyone else, I came off the street, had no experience. Had to get out there, had to learn from the other guys to even get a basis of what I was doing and it was good. Everyone took me under their wing and they showed me how to go and through that I learnt what I was doing.

VIDEO: Bradley drills nail into metal and fits metal cube.

AUDIO: In my apprenticeship day to day, I spend three weeks out of the month, on the road, in the field, doing stuff, learning from other guys and then I spend one week in the month generally at trade school.

VIDEO: Brad is measuring and drawing lines on the metal.

VIDEO: Brad is sitting on the roof.

AUDIO: The structure of this apprenticeship program is amazing. It’s just so much more comforting for someone like me who wasn’t too sure what they wanted to do, was pretty good with their hands and wanted to get out there and learn by doing.

VIDEO: Brad is cutting the metal with a power tool.

AUDIO: Every day I wake up and I enjoy going to work. I don’t find there’s a day where I repeat the same task over and over again. Everyday is a new and exciting challenge.

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