Sarah-Jayne: carpenter, Yallourn
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Sarah-Jayne: carpenter, Yallourn

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Sarah-Jayne Lavell Certificate III General Construction Gippstafe GJ & JA Avon
Sarah-Jayne Lavell standing on a building site in work clothes.

AUDIO: Hi I’m Sarah, I’m twenty-four and I’m an apprentice carpenter.

Graphic on screen Title: Name: Sarah Jayne Levell Age: 24 Apprenticeship: Certificate III IN GERERAL CONSTRUCTION (Carpentry-Framework/ Finishing Tafe/Training Provider: GippsTAFE Employer: GJ & JA Avon

VIDEO: Sarah uses jackhammer.

VIDEO: Sarah is seated in front of a ladder.

AUDIO: Before my apprenticeship, I was actually a bar maid. I met my boss when he took over the pub that I worked at and it sort of went on from there.

VIDEO: Sarah uses electric saw.

VIDEO: Sarah is seated in front of a ladder.

AUDIO: You can always go back to a trade if you ever go on to do something else and you’ve always got something there for you. It sets me up for life pretty much.

VIDEO: Sarah carries plank of wood and nails it into the wall.

AUDIO: I find myself really lucky in the sense that we do everything and I know what to do from start to finish. Like it’s more of an asset to me. You never know in five or ten year’s time, I might build my own house and I’ll know what to do so…

VIDEO: Sarah uses jackhammer.

AUDIO: Music playing in the background.

AUDIO: My apprenticeship is four years, and what they do is you go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then your TAFE teacher tries to come out and visit you on site.

AUDIO: They say the world’s my oyster, something like that (laughs).

VIDEO: Sarah is seated in front of a ladder.

AUDIO: We do a lot and I’ve learnt a lot but there’s so much more to do in however many years I decide to be a carpenter which hopefully will probably be the rest of my life.

VIDEO: Sarah carries plank of wood.

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