Shaun: motor mechanic, Tullamarine
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Shaun: motor mechanic, Tullamarine

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Shaun Borg Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology Kangan Institute Air Services Australia
Shaun stands in front of a fire truck.

Graphic on screen Title: Name: Shaun Borg Age: 21 Apprenticeship: Certificate III Automotive Mechanical Technology- Automotive Mechanic Heavy Vehicle Road Transport TAFE/Training Provider: Kangan Institute Employer: Air Services Australia

AUDIO: Hi, I’m Shaun. I’m 21 and I’m an apprentice Diesel Mechanic.

VIDEO: Shaun climbs into truck.

AUDIO: I got a job at Safeway and worked there for about a year and a half and then I decided I needed to get myself into a career.

VIDEO: Shaun works inside truck.

AUDIO: Well my job here is to service and maintain the fire vehicles and we provide a service to the airline. Whether there’s a fire or a first aid call, the firies here have to go out and tend to that, and we gotta make sure that the vehicle is ready to roll out and help whoever is in need.

VIDEO: Shaun is seated in service room.

AUDIO: The coolest thing I have done in the apprenticeship is probably using the water systems that we have on it. We’ve got roof monitors that can shoot water up to ninety meters away and it’s about four and a half thousand litres in a minute.

VIDEO: Shaun uses water systems.

VIDEO: Shaun is seated in service room.

AUDIO: I know that I’m coming into work and I’m gonna be furthering my career and if everyday I come here, I’d learn something different and new.

Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
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