Ebony: electrician, West Melbourne
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Ebony: electrician, West Melbourne

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Ebony Cera Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician Kangan Institute WPC Group
Ebony stands in the middle of factory.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Ebony Cera Age: 19 Apprenticeship: Certificate III Electrotechnology Technician TAFE/Training Provider: Kangan Institute Employer: WPC Group

AUDIO: Hi I’m Ebony. I’m nineteen and I’m an apprentice electrician.

VIDEO: Ebony working on switchboards, boxes moving on the conveyer belt.

VIDEO: Ebony is sitting in a factory office.

AUDIO: I’ve always been interested in electrical work. Just how one little thing goes wrong and it affects a whole big circuit.

AUDIO: I was very nervous to start a trade that is definitely male dominated. Everyone is extremely supportive of females. It’s as easy as going online and finding the right website, the right job for you.

VIDEO: Ebony walking around conveyer belts.

AUDIO: Being an electrician is a passion. I love that you get to learn while you work. I think an apprenticeship is a great opportunity for anyone. It can be a little bit of hard work but to get the end result of being fully qualified at something and chasing your dreams, it’s great, it’s fantastic.

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