Rachel: electronic instrument trades worker
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Rachel: electronic instrument trades worker

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Rachel Poppel Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control RMIT Central Test & Measurement
Rachel is standing at forefront of warehouse.

AUDIO: Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m thirty years old and I’m currently undertaking an apprenticeship with Central Test and Measurement.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Rachel Poppel Age: 30 Apprenticeship: Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control TAFE/Training Provider: RMIT Employer: Central Test and Measurement

VIDEO: Rachel is handling instruments and discusses them.

AUDIO: My apprenticeship really involves a lot, instrumentation is a wide field, a very wide field. We’re not just learning how to fix it, but how to program it. We’re learning the ins and outs so you learn the physics behind what the instrument is actually doing.

VIDEO: Rachel enters room and places a black mat on the table.

AUDIO: I love the fact that we’re always learning about new things. I mean I’ve got some one to go to if I’ve got a question, if I need help, if I need anything, there’s people here and they’re all very supportive.

AUDIO: When we started we signed on for four years and that’s three years of one day a week we go to school, and the rest of the week we spend on the job. When you get your hands on the instruments and you get involved, it’s really easy to understand and the teachers are wonderful and help me through it.

VIDEO: Rachel is fixing the inside of an instrument.

AUDIO: There’s constantly job offers opening. You can work all over Australia, and it’s huge in America and all over the world. I’m one of two people in all of Victoria studying it this year; I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.

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