Callan: mechanical engineer, Bendigo
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Callan: mechanical engineer, Bendigo

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Callan Ridge Certificate III in Engineering Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE Australian Industry Group Training Services
Callan stands outside warehouse.

AUDIO: G’day. I’m Callan. I’m twenty-one and I’m doing my apprenticeship in Engineering Mechanical at Hydraulics Engineers

Graphic on screen title: Name: Callan Ridge Age: 21 Apprenticeship: Certifiate III Engineering- Mechanical Trade TAFE/Training Provider: Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE Employer: Australian Industry Group Training Services

VIDEO: Callan uses fork lift.

VIDEO: Callan is sitting down.

AUDIO: Well yeah towards the end of year twelve I sort of started wondering what I wanna do and thought I better do a bit of work experience and yeah after that weeks work experience the boss said you know ‘We’re advertising this position, are you interested?’ And I sort of just jumped at the opportunity.

VIDEO: Callan walks through warehouse.

AUDIO: It’s a four year apprenticeship. Three of those years we have schooling for, and for each of those three years, we have eight weeks of trade school. Yeah I think it’s good to start at the bottom and work your way up so that you see what’s required at each level.

VIDEO: Callan is fixing a machine.

AUDIO: I want to get into the design side of things. It’s much easier to get into a position like that having started at the bottom and worked your way up rather than just coming straight from a uni course.

AUDIO: I’m actually doing some modules toward a diploma at the moment where they teach you a lot of those skills required like drawing on the computer and other programs.

VIDEO: Callan is sitting down.

AUDIO: I just love the variety. We do a bit of everything here. Something that starts as a bit of paper and drives out into a thirty ton drilling rig, it’s a huge sense of accomplishment, knowing that you’ve contributed to that.

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