Zachary: fitter and turner, Ballarat
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Zachary: fitter and turner, Ballarat

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Zachery Wells Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade University of Ballarat Rossco Engineering
Zachery Wells standing outside his work.

AUDIO: G’day. I’m Zach Wells. I’m twenty-one years of age, I’m a newly qualified fitter and turner at Rossco Engineering.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Zachary Wells Age: 21 Apprenticeship: Certificate III Engineering – Mechanical Trade TAFE/Training Provider: University of Ballarat Employer: Rossco Engineering

VIDEO: Zachary turns a wheel on the machine and turns some knobs.

VIDEO: Zachary is sitting inside a factory.

AUDIO: In year ten I had to choose electives. I chose VET engineering Cert. II. In those two years, I had to do work experience and I got really fond of engineering.

VIDEO: Zachary is turning a wheel on the machine and drilling.

AUDIO: Every day is different. You can go out on site and do repair jobs, break downs, maintenance on machines.

VIDEO: Zachary walks out of work van.

AUDIO: Come into the factory, we weld, machine, get pushed in the deep end and you sorta have to think for yourself so you can adapt to many different things and scenarios so as well as practical skills, it’s life skills as well. So you come out pretty well equipped.

VIDEO: Zachary talking to his boss.

VIDEO: Zachary is sitting down.

AUDIO: I’d recommend anyone to do an apprenticeship. Whatever they do, I think that practice skills are essential in anything. Engineering, if you wanna be a mechanical engineer, I think you gotta have those practical skills, you gotta see the things work for yourself.

VIDEO: Zachary uses forklift.

AUDIO: As long as you got the will, you can do anything. The world’s you oyster pretty much.

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Fitter and Turner

Fits, assembles, grinds and shapes metal parts and subassemblies to fabricate pr...