Tyler: carpenter, Warrnambool
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Tyler: carpenter, Warrnambool

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Tyler Young Certificate III in General Construction South West Institute of TAFE Westvic Staffing Solutions
Tyler is standing inform of a house being built.

AUDIO: Hi, I’m Tyler Young. I’m twenty-three. I just finished my apprenticeship in general construction.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Tyler young Age: 23 Apprenticeship: Certificate III in General Construction (Carpentry- Framework/Formwork/Finishing) TAFE/ Training Provider: South West Institute of TAFE Employer: Westvic Staffing Solutions

VIDEO: Tyler saws wood and installs a door. Tyler drives around in a red Ute.

VIDEO: Tyler sits inside house.

AUDIO: Started out by going in the TAFE and asking about the courses. They got me onto the pre-apprenticeship carpentry course. Realised that I had a bit of potential at it and I enjoyed it.

VIDEO: Tyler carries long thin strip of metal outside.

AUDIO: My apprenticeship was over a period of four years. Training involved doing theory and practicals of how jobs could be done in different and there’s always different ways. And they show you all the proper ways to do it, by all Australian standards.

VIDEO: Tyler walks outside.

AUDIO: Best reason for getting an apprenticeship is you learn from the first day, you meet new people. Probably one of the better feelings in my life, having that qualification and knowing that I’ve always got that qualification.

VIDEO: Tyler untangles some wires and uses electric saw to cut wood.

AUDIO: I just that love that feeling of when you’ve actually finished a job and you can stand back and look at it and actually see that you built that with your own hands.

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