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Building the right pathway for you

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Marie Delaney: Talking about job pathways toward building surveying
Marie Delaney sitting in her office.

VIDEO: Marie Delaney sitting in her office.

Graphic on screen: Assistant Building Surveyor Marie Delaney Bayshore Building Surveying Geelong

AUDIO: When I was little I always wanted to be an architect. So I thought ‘Oh yes, this … I finally get the opportunity; my kids are at school now.’ At that time, three years ago, they’d just started Prep, so I thought, ‘Now that they’re out I can go back to school and see what I can do.’

VIDEO: Marie Delaney going over building plans at her desk.

AUDIO: So I rang up a TAFE, my local TAFE and the person on the other side of the phone said to me ‘Oh no, why would you want to be a fluffy, like a drafty.’

VIDEO: Marie Delaney sitting in her office.

AUDIO: He basically told me ‘Come in, we’ll do enrolment and I’ll explain to you what happens’ and since then it’s just ten-folded.

VIDEO: Marie Delaney going over building plans at her desk.

AUDIO: There are two different types of building surveyors. One is ‘limited’, one is ‘unlimited’. The unlimited range actually allows you to deal with big constructions, big complex constructions; anything over two-thousand square metres of a commercial building and anything over three stories high. The limited building surveyor then stays within his residential, up to three storeys and small warehouses. In order to become a building surveyor or even a building inspector, um …

VIDEO: Marie Delaney in her office.

AUDIO: TAFE is only the first point of call. So, you’ll go through your Diploma of Building Surveying, then you’ll go through your Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying and then you can choose whether or not to go onto university; that’s as an education point of view, but then what matters in Victoria is that you still have to seek registration with the Building Commission. So, you actually have to get ready, study and go in front of the Building Practitioner’s Board to become a registered building practitioner.

VIDEO: Marie Delaney inspecting a building site.

AUDIO: So, I see myself as probably stopping at the building surveyor limited … for now.

VIDEO: Marie Delaney sitting in her office.

AUDIO: With good intentions of being within this business, like a small business, by myself. Where I can do domestic and architecturally designed houses. Because I do love the challenge of architecturally designed houses.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
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