Tom: joiner, Ballarat
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Tom: joiner, Ballarat

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Tom Ryan Joiner Ludbrook’s Joinery Ballarat
Tom Ryan Standing in a workshop.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan Standing in a workshop.

Graphic on screen: Joiner Tom Ryan

AUDIO: I’ve been in the trade for about the last seven years. Working at a place called Ludbrook’s Joinery and we get to see a great variety of work.

VIDEO: Joiner working in the workshop. Graphic on screen: Ludbrook’s Joinery Ballarat

AUDIO: We take on pretty much anything related or to do with timber or woodworking.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan is feeding a board into a bench saw.

AUDIO: It’s basically broken down into two categories of the flatboard pre-finished kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes. VIDEO: Joiners lifting a large solid-wood door and frame.

AUDIO: Solid timber side is the windows and doors. A lot of our work is renovations as well.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan Standing in a workshop.

AUDIO: The appealing side to joinery is probably the precision side of the trade.

VIDEO: A joiner measures and marks up some timber for cutting.

AUDIO: Most joiners will work to within a half a mil’.

VIDEO: A joiner is standing at a computer while a machine runs over timber pieces.

AUDIO: You’ve got other machines that work within a tenth of a millimetre. A carpenter might go to a house with his ute and trailer of tools and be able to work all day whereas a lot of the work we do is set up in a factory with um, plant machinery.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan monitors a machine tunning over timber.

AUDIO: As joiners we need to be skilled at machines.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan winds a crank which pushes a piece of timber through a machine.

AUDIO: In my first three years as a joiner I went to trade school for a week once every month. It gave me an opportunity to learn about things we might not necessarily do at work. Also gave me an opportunity to meet more experienced joiners.

AUDIO: Even just kitchens for people; that they end up really happy with and start using straight away and fitting out whole hotels and that sort of thing have been really rewarding.

VIDEO: Joiners putting together a door and frame using drills.

AUDIO: Yeah, I reckon there’s plenty of work for, um, people who have a drive for the joinery industry.

VIDEO: Tom Ryan inspects some of his work.

AUDIO: If you can analyse things well and take care of what you do and detail then joinery’s probably something that’s pretty good.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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