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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Ben Hitchcock: Project Manager Furphy Engineering Shepparton
Ben Hitchcock walking through the office and factory.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock walking through the office and factory.

AUDIO: Maths and English and that kinda bored me I suppose. Got to sixteen years old and I thought: ‘I’m done with school,’ so I went looking for an apprenticeship. Tried out building, plumbing, y’know other various trades. Come into Furphy’s and did work experience and got lucky.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock standing in a hallway.

Graphic on screen: Project Manager Ben Hitchcock

AUDIO: Actually got asked back again the apprenticeship eventuated from there.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock going over paperwork at his desk.

Graphic on screen: Furphy Engineering

AUDIO: Established myself as a good apprentice with the supervisors and management; in their eyes and um, got more responsibility as I got older. I was running small projects and stuff, y’know probably second year, third year. I’ve been a goal-driven person most of my life and I sorta looked at my bosses and supervisors and managers and aspired to be like them.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock in the factory discussing a project with a metal worker.

AUDIO: I was lucky enough to land a supervisor’s job one year out of my apprenticeship.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock standing in a hallway.

AUDIO: Went to supervision to middle management and went into production planning.

VIDEO: Ben HItchock going over plans and schedules with a metal worker in the factory.

AUDIO: Which is scheduling all the work out at Furphy’s. Recently just come into project management. I deal with the client; there’s a lot to go through as far as the design stage, there’s the quality control side of things, there’s drafting; obviously we’ve got to get the plans to the guys on the floor. Once it’s at that stage there’s also the liaison between the client and the guys on the floor and making sure all parties are happy.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock discussing a project with a metal worker on the factory floor.

AUDIO: If you do want to step into the management, always be that tradesman who’s showing initiative and putting your best foot forward.

VIDEO: Ben Hitchcock going through folders at his desk.

AUDIO: Although I’m only in the metal trade, I’m sure every trade’s the exact same. And the day I don’t enjoy management I can go try something else. I can go back on the tools or I can go into a completely different area. Doesn’t restrict you at all.

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