Kruze: sheetmetal worker, Shepparton
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Kruze: sheetmetal worker, Shepparton

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Kruze Willmont Sheet Metal Worker Furphy Engineering Shepparton
Kruze Willmont standing in a hallway in his work uniform.

VIDEO: Kruze Willmont standing in a hallway in his work uniform.

Graphic on screen: Sheet Metal Worker Kruze Willmont

AUDIO: I work for J. Furphy and Sons as an apprentice metal fabricator.

VIDEO: Kruze Willmont walking through the factory.

Graphic on screen: Furphy Engineering Shepparton

AUDIO: Didn’t really get along with high school, so I did a bit of weekend work. Most of it I did was sweep floors and peel plastic off the metal but you get an idea of what people do around you. Just do continuous work experience until I got employed.

VIDEO: Kruze Willmont in the factory marking steel beams, grinding steel, changing bits on grinder, cutting steel beams and welding.

AUDIO: I’d definitely say do work experience because there is a lot of different metal places; different types you can get into. Here at Furphy’s when we started we went to TAFE probably after about three months and TAFE for us is a week block for every month. Just learn how to use most of the tools; with the metal there’s a lot of variations – you’ve got the aluminium, the mild steel, stainless steel.

VIDEO: Kruze Willmont assembling the end products of his work.

AUDIO: You learn to do all that at your trade school. The hours we do at Furphy’s is seven to three-thirty in the afternoon, four days a week. Then seven to one o’clock on a Friday. And we do do overtime four days a week so there’s pretty flexible hours. Finish at a reasonable time, start at a reasonable time.

VIDEO: Metal fabricators inspecting end products with scissor lift and moving products around with mini-cranes.

AUDIO: The money’s definitely good. The people I work with are good, good atmosphere. Some people you’ll make mates and they’ll want you to fix their stuff up. Suppose that’s a bit of a privilege. Y’know, sometimes you makes a bit of cash out of stuff like that. We use anything from the welders, grinders, oxy; there’s a lot of heavy work involved, hot work, gases, all sorts of things like that.

VIDEO: Kruze Willmont marking a steel beam.

AUDIO: I suppose you could work most places in Australia. Definitely got a variety of different job to go choose from.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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