Matthew: gasfitter, Sunshine West
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Matthew: gasfitter, Sunshine West

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Matthew Behan Talking about his job as a Gasfitter
Matthew Behan standing in a backyard in his work clothes.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan standing in a backyard in his work clothes.

Graphic on screen: Gasfitter Matthew Behan Tonna Heating & Cooling Sunshine West

AUDIO: Hi I’m Matthew Behan. I’m a plumber by trade, working as a Gasfitter.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan and a co-worker taking a heater out of its packaging.

AUDIO: The kind of jobs that we do in a normal week are varied from installing inducted heaters. Cooling systems as well. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we do on a daily basis is install heaters.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan checking some paperwork in the house.

AUDIO: I did my plumbing apprenticeship for four years. Worked a year for the company without going to school. Three years of school. Um, you then become a registered plumber.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan installing parts to house the heating unit in the wall with his co-worker watching on and assisting.

AUDIO: Challenges of the apprenticeship was the money factor. Y’know, the first and second years it is tough, but four years later I’m a registered qualified plumber. And, well me personally; I bought myself a house.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan standing in a backyard in his work clothes.

AUDIO: So, y’know with challenges there are rewards.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan making adjustments to gas piping in the house.

AUDIO: I do specialise in heating and cooling although I have learnt through my apprenticeship other parts of plumbing; sanitary, drainage, bit of roofing, gas and water. Plumbing is a very very broad trade.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan and his co-worker carrying the heating unit housing into the house while the customer is sitting on the couch.

AUDIO: My favourite thing with this job is giving a customer something they’re really excited to receive. Y’know everyone’s excited to get heating in winter and cooling in summer. That gives me real joy, a real buzz in being able to help a customer out.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan reading instructions for the heating unit.

AUDIO: The skills that you probably need on a day-to-day basis are problem solving skills; sometimes you need to solve math problems.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan using a wrench on some gas piping and using an electric drill.

AUDIO: Other skills you need is being able to work with tools; knowing how use those tools correctly.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan and his co-worker lifting heavy parts of the heating unit together.

AUDIO: Being somewhat physically fit. Upper body strength, you’ll need as well as a lot of balance. Over the four years you’re able to develop those skills and by the end of it you should be right to do the trade to the best of your abilities.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan retrieving something from his van and returning to the house.

AUDIO: The hours of work can vary. For me the company I work for they start at seven o’clock in the morning and work through till about three-thirty – four o’clock in the afternoon.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan standing in a backyard in his work clothes.

AUDIO: Sometimes though, if the job requires it, you may need to do a little bit of overtime.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan carrying the old heating unit with his co-worker.

AUDIO: Seven o’clock in the morning in winter it sucks because it’s dark but in summer it’s really good ‘cos y’know, the sun’s up, you go home at three-thirty and you’ve still got half the day to do whatever you need to do.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan standing in a backyard in his work clothes.

AUDIO: I’d be choosing the job y’know, because you enjoy it, because you want to make a difference. Not only for yourself but for customers that you work for.

VIDEO: Matthew Behan and his co-worker lifting the new heating unit into place.

AUDIO: But at the end of the day you’re becoming a tradesperson and that gives you a sense of pride; ‘Hey I know how to do something that someone else doesn’t know how to do.’

VIDEO: Matthew Behan turning on the installed heating unit.

(Matthew speaking to the customer) Let it warm up. Do its thing. And that’s it.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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