Susan: child care centre manager, Geelong
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Susan: child care centre manager, Geelong

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Susan Peters Talking about her job as a Childcare Centre Director
Susan Peters sitting at her desk going through paperwork.

VIDEO: Susan Peters sitting at her desk going through paperwork.

Graphic on screen: Susan Peters Childcare Centre Director One World for Children North Geelong

AUDIO: My name is Susan Peters and I work at One World for Children and we’re a child care centre with a integrated kindergarten program and I’m the Centre Director. What has kept me working in the industry for the past twenty years is the changes that occurred during that time. And your knowledge then needs to change so you need to upgrade your qualification.

VIDEO: Susan Peters sitting in the office.

AUDIO: When I first started in the industry I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services; moved on then to become a team leader and gained my Diploma of Children’s Services.

VIDEO: Susan Peters going over procedures at a computer with a colleague.

AUDIO: And then moved into a management role which I’m currently in and now I have my Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services.

VIDEO: Susan Peters going into a classroom to discuss work with a child care worker.

AUDIO: My favourite task on a day-to-day basis would be very varied but probably my most favourite would be the communicating and dealing with parents, dealing with staff on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Susan Peters showing a parent with a child the child care centre.

AUDIO: Whether that’s through just ‘hello’ conversations or as finding out about the individual families and how they’re actually feeling and settled into the centre. The skills that are required for this type of work; you need to be a good listener, you need to be friendly, you need to be polite.

VIDEO: Susan Peters at the front desk on the phone while instructing staff.

AUDIO: You really need to have empathy, you need to be well-organised; being able to delegate. And I think having good relationships with your staff is paramount.

VIDEO: Susan Peters sitting in the office

AUDIO: The computer skills that you would need to have working as a coordinator or a director of a centre is word processing skills, you would need some numeracy skills and dealing with money on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Susan Peters working at a computer and discussing schedules with a colleague.

AUDIO: You would also need to be doing applications on funding and they are all online, so you’d need to be quite familiar with email maybe even Excel spread sheets. The challenges that I would face in my role as Centre Director would be staffing.

VIDEO: Child care centre staff interacting with children.

AUDIO: Ensuring that we’re attracting the right staff that have the right personalities, that have the right skills to work in our service to obviously have the best and highest quality care for our children.

VIDEO: Photos of trainers on a pin board.

AUDIO: But on the flipside of that the reward is that I do very much enjoy training those people; that I can actually help them to then become a great childcare worker.

VIDEO: Susan Peters interacti ng with a child.

AUDIO: I think people should really consider getting into the childcare industry because it’s so varied; it’s challenging. It’s certainly never boring. It’s rewarding; definitely rewarding.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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