John: baker, Lorne
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John: baker, Lorne

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: John Leontiades Baker Louttit Bay Bakery Lorne
John Leontiades driving to the bakery early in the morning.

VIDEO: John Leontiades driving to the bakery early in the morning.

AUDIO: Normal night will be mixing up a number of different doughs.

VIDEO: John Leontiades dividing dough up into portions and cutting into the portions to make uniform shapes.

AUDIO: Cut and divide and weigh them off to the right sizes. Hand mould as much as possible. Into the proover, which helps them rise.

VIDEO: John Leontiades uses a large wooden spatula to place the dough in the oven.

AUDIO: And then into the oven.

VIDEO: John Leontiades in his chef uniform standing next to a rack of bread in the bakery.

Graphic on screen: Baker John Leontiades Louttit Bakery Lorne

AUDIO: And then hopefully someone gets to enjoy it at the end of the day.

VIDEO: John Leontiades checking on an oven full of bread.

AUDIO: From night to night the temperature changes. To be able to balance that up so you consistently come out with the same product is tough, y’know that’s something that they teach you at TAFE.

VIDEO: John Leontiades gets some finished loaves of bread from the oven and places them on the bench.

AUDIO: They’ve got full facilities; full working bakeries that you train in; practical hands on work, which I love. Which a lot of people do love which is why they choose to do a TAFE course. Three year course; baking and pastry cooking combined. Starting at three o’clock in the morning or four o’clock in the morning, you get to enjoy a large portion of the day. Where others may be working, I’ve got time to play my footy and we get to see the sunrise every morning as well.

VIDEO: John Leontiades is rolling and working dough to make shapes with another baker beside him.

AUDIO: The majority of bakers would make it look easy but there’s definitely an art to it. There’s a lot of room to be creative.

VIDEO: John Leontiades twists some dough into a plait.

AUDIO: You can do all those sorts of things from the plaits and different designs of breads. The industry needs lots of young passionate people to continue that process on.

VIDEO: John Leontiades filling an apple turnover with cream before placing it in the front of the store for sale.

AUDIO: Put their creativity into it; their spin on it and take it that one step further.

VIDEO: John Leontiades in his chef uniform standing next to a rack of bread in the bakery.

AUDIO: There’s so much opportunity for a young person in this industry, it’s not funny.

VIDEO: John Leontiades shows his 2012 Baking Apprentice of the Year award.

AUDIO: So, it’s a perfect time for someone considering doing a trade to look at baking.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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Prepares and bakes bread loaves and rolls