Tourist Information Officer

Also known as Tourist Adviser.
Provides travel and accommodation information to tourists. May work in a call centre.
Training time 5 months - 2 years
Average pay $46,189
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 300

What does a Tourist Information Officer do?

  • determining clients' requirements for travel, accommodation and special interests
  • suggesting itineraries based on available travel routes and cost, availability and convenience of transport
  • making and confirming travel and accommodation reservations and informing clients of bus, plane, ship and train connections
  • notifying clients of travel dates, baggage limits, and medical and visa requirements
  • providing information on tourist attractions and tour availability, and procedures for dealing with lost and stolen documents
  • assisting with travel clearances
  • collecting payments and issuing clients' itineraries, relevant documentation, tickets for travel and vouchers for accommodation
  • providing information on travel insurance, relevant government regulations such as customs regulations, and use of credit cards and traveller's cheques
  • answering inquiries from tourists and offering suggestions about tours, travel routes, accommodation and local customs
  • providing literature and information on local and interstate tours and places of interest
  • discussing transport availability and cost

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