Civil Engineering Draftsperson

Prepares detailed drawings and plans for civil engineering work in support of Civil Engineering Professionals and Engineering Technologists. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1 - 3 years
Average pay $71,843
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,300

What does a Civil Engineering Draftsperson do?

  • preparing sketches, charts, tabulations, plans and designs for civil engineering works such as drainage, water supply, sewerage reticulation systems, roads, airports, dams, bridges and other structures
  • performing and directing fieldwork and laboratory testing
  • interpreting work assignment instructions, applying appropriate procedures and selecting equipment
  • collecting and analysing data, and carrying out computations
  • estimating material costs and ensuring finished works are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions
  • inspecting civil engineering works, and organising and supervising maintenance and repair work


  • Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson
  • Plumbing Engineering Draftsperson
  • Road Design Draftsperson
  • Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer
  • Structural Engineering Drafting Officer

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