Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional (other)

Also known as Genetic Counsellor.
This occupation group covers Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals not elsewhere classified.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $65,070
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 2,600

What does a Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional (other) do?

  • developing, implementing, reviewing, examining, testing and raising awareness of diets, menus and nutrition intervention programs, the nature and extent of vision problems, and patients' medicine therapy
  • planning, implementing and reviewing strategies and procedures for safe, economic and suitable disposal of various wastes, and for safe work practices
  • conducting research and assessing data relating to health and nutrition status of individuals, groups and communities, and to develop and improve pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related chemical products
  • producing images to assist Medical Practitioners diagnose patients' illnesses and diseases, and administering radiation treatment
  • consulting with other Health Professionals, Chemists, Engineering Professionals and other professionals

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