Paving and Surfacing Labourer

Performs routine tasks associated in laying bituminous and other paving materials on roads, runways, parking areas and other surfaces to be paved.
Training time 6 months - 3 years
Average pay $60,875
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,700

What does a Paving and Surfacing Labourer do?

  • sweeping paving bases prior to laying asphalt and other surfaces
  • sprinkling and brushing hot and cold-mix asphalt over surfaces to be paved and repaired to bond asphalt toppings to bases
  • operating tank-truck distributors and hoses to spray tar and road oils and emulsions on graded surfaces prior to paving
  • tripping tail-gate levers to discharge hot-mix asphalt into paving machines, and spreading stone chips, gravel and cold-mix asphalt onto road surfaces
  • shovelling asphalt mix into areas inaccessible to paving machines, and compacting mix using rakes and hand tampers
  • cutting and trimming damaged surfaces using jack-hammers and softening edges of areas to be repaired with blowtorches
  • erecting and dismantling barricades
  • loading and unloading equipment, and cleaning work sites

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