Commercial Cleaner

Cleans offices, residential complexes, hospitals, schools, industrial work areas, industrial machines, construction sites and other commercial premises using heavy duty cleaning equipment.
Training time 20 weeks - 1 year
Average pay $31,848
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 36,500

What does a Commercial Cleaner do?

  • vacuuming carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture
  • cleaning, dusting and polishing furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • removing rubbish and recyclable material, and emptying containers, bins and trays
  • stripping wax from floors, re-waxing and polishing floors
  • cleaning and disinfecting laundry and bathroom fixtures, replenishing supplies and reporting defective plumbing fixtures
  • operating industrial vacuum cleaners to clean floors, work areas and machines
  • removing dust and dirt from ceilings, walls, overhead pipes and fixtures
  • applying acids and solvents to surfaces to remove stains and dirt
  • removing lint, dust, soot, oil, grease, sludge and other residues from machines, hulls and holds of ships, and interiors and exteriors of furnaces, boilers and tanks


  • Aircraft Cabin Cleaner
  • School Cleaner

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