Truck Driver (General)

Drives a heavy truck, requiring a specially endorsed class of licence, to transport bulky goods. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time 6 months - 2 years
Average pay $63,736
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 43,400

What does a Truck Driver (General) do?

  • manoeuvring vehicles into position for loading and unloading
  • loading and unloading vehicles using lifting and tipping devices
  • observing safety requirements when loading and unloading vehicles
  • making regular quality checks of vehicles to ensure they can be driven safely
  • estimating weights to comply with load limitations and ensuring safe distribution of weight
  • ensuring goods are stowed and securely covered to prevent loss and damage


  • Cement Mixer Driver
  • Compactor Driver (Rubbish Collection)
  • Haulpak Driver
  • Livestock Haulier
  • Logging Truck Driver
  • Road Train Driver
  • Tilt Tray Driver

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