Fitness Instructor

Directs, instructs and guides individuals or groups in the pursuit of physical fitness and wellbeing.
Training time 52 days - 1 year
Average pay $35,495
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 8,800

What does a Fitness Instructor do?

  • consulting with various Health Professionals to develop and design fitness programs
  • designing individual fitness programs based on assessment of the client's age, level of fitness, goals and abilities
  • delivering group exercise classes and personal tuition in a variety of fitness activities in a safe and creative manner
  • demonstrating and teaching body movements and skills used in fitness routines
  • setting up and monitoring fitness equipment and ensuring that equipment is safe, clean and in working condition
  • teaching and advising on the use of fitness equipment
  • ensuring clients are aware of and adhere to safety and injury prevention procedures
  • reporting accidents and preparing accident reports
  • maintaining a working knowledge of current health and safety standards and ensuring working practices and procedures conform to current legislation


  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Gym Instructor
  • Physical Fitness Trainer

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