Fire Fighter

Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls, controls and extinguishes fires, and protects life and property. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $86,213
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 4,500

How do I become a Fire Fighter in Victoria?

To work as a Fire Fighter in Victoria, you'll need:
  • Current manual driver’s licence
  • Recommended

  • Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)
  • Volunteer history with the State Emergency Services (SES) or Country Fire Authority (CFA)

What does a Fire Fighter do?

  • Attends the scene of fires and other emergencies reported to authorities
  • Rescues and evacuates people stranded or trapped in dangerous situations
  • Operates pumps, sprays water, foam and chemicals from hoses, portable extinguishers and other appliances to extinguish fires and to disperse or neutralise dangerous substances
  • Cuts openings in buildings and crashed vehicles to free occupants
  • Maintains site security systems
  • Administers first aid
  • Attends and participates in training activities, rescue classes, drills, demonstrations and courses in emergency and fire-fighting techniques
  • Trains recruits in emergency procedures and practices
  • Visits buildings and potential fire hazards to study access points and locations of hydrants


  • Fire Engineer (Army)
  • Fire Prevention Officer

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