Performing Arts Technician (other)

Also known as Continuity Person, Microphone Boom Operator, Performing Arts Road Manager, Special Effects Person, Theatrical Dresser.
This occupation group covers Performing Arts Technicians not elsewhere classified.
Training time 6 months - 2 years
Average pay $61,811
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,500

What does a Performing Arts Technician (other) do?

  • operating microwave equipment to transmit video information to transmitter sites and receiving video signals from remote locations
  • maintaining and repairing radio and television transmitters and associated equipment
  • selecting and attaching equipment to cameras, positioning cameras, and following the action of scenes being photographed while adjusting controls
  • positioning equipment, such as spotlights, floodlights and cables, and operating lights during filming, broadcasting and stage performances
  • applying and retouching make up during shooting and performance, including special effects make up such as scars and wounds
  • designing and making musical instruments and instrument parts using specially selected materials and techniques similar to those used in cabinetmaking, metal pipe making, silversmithing and wood carving, and tuning and repairing musical instruments
  • setting up and adjusting equipment such as microphones, and operating sound mixing consoles and associated equipment to regulate volume and sound quality

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