Veterinary Nurse

Also known as Animal Nurse, Veterinary Assistant.
Cares for animals under treatment or in temporary residence at veterinary facilities and assists Veterinarians to perform procedures and operations.
Training time 18 months - 3 years
Average pay $38,937
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 3,200

What does a Veterinary Nurse do?

  • holding animals to allow examination and treatment by Veterinarians
  • cleaning and sterilising examination tables and equipment
  • preparing instruments and handing them to the Veterinarian
  • assisting Veterinarians to administer anaesthetics and oxygen during operations
  • placing animals in cages for recovery from operations and monitoring their condition
  • giving medications to animals
  • maintaining stock control and records
  • providing animal care advice, and preparing, delivering, and reviewing animal care education programs
  • may perform diagnostic laboratory tests

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Government-subsidised training is marked with this symbol
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing