Constructs, erects, installs, renovates and repairs structures and fixtures. Works with wood, plywood, wallboard and other materials.
Training time 12 months - 6 years
Average pay $61,420
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 33,600

How do I become a Carpenter in Victoria?

To work as a Carpenter in Victoria, you'll need:
  • A Certificate III in Carpentry (or equivalent)
  • Completed apprenticeship
  • Recommended

  • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
  • Strong understanding of Mathematics and English
  • Relevant pre-apprenticeship: Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry)
  • Construction Induction Card (aka White Card) is required for access to any construction site in Australia

What does a Carpenter do?

  • Studying drawings and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions, and installation procedures
  • Ordering and selecting timbers and materials, and preparing layouts
  • Cutting materials, assembling and nailing cut and shaped parts
  • Erecting framework and roof framing, laying sub-flooring and floorboards and verifying trueness of structures
  • Nailing fascia panels, sheathing roofs, and fitting exterior wall cladding and door and window frames
  • Assembling prepared wood to form structures and fittings ready to install
  • Cutting wood joints
  • May construct concrete formwork
  • May repair existing fittings


  • Fixing Carpenter
  • Formwork Carpenter
  • Prop and Scenery Maker

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