Maintenance Planner

Also known as Maintenance Scheduler, Shutdown Coordinator, Shutdown Planner.
Develops maintenance planning strategies, and schedules, coordinates and monitors the maintenance of all plant equipment.
Training time 1 - 2 years
Average pay $89,923
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 1,500

What does a Maintenance Planner do?

  • preparing, interpreting, inspecting and revising drawings, plans, diagrams, designs, maps and charts
  • performing complex computations and field and laboratory tests, and recording the results
  • installing, testing, repairing and modifying electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment
  • estimating quantities and costs of materials
  • inspecting buildings, plumbing work, machines, equipment, working conditions and public places to ensure compliance with relevant laws, standards and regulations
  • planning, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring maintenance of plant equipment
  • testing materials
  • overseeing the safety of mining operations and supervising Miners

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