Recreation Officer

Also known as Recreation Adviser.
Plans, organises and coordinates recreation facilities and programs through organisations such as local governments, schools, church bodies and youth organisations.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $42,531
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 400

What does a Recreation Officer do?

  • researching and analysing community issues, needs and problems
  • developing, evaluating and maintaining community resources and programs
  • evaluating data and writing reports such as submissions requesting funding for continuing programs and new projects
  • identifying issues of local need, concerns and aspirations through community consultation
  • organising local sporting, cultural and recreational events and activities such as community functions, hobby classes, community arts projects and sporting competitions
  • providing support while exploring alternatives with clients who experience difficulties such as marital problems, unemployment, illness and drug abuse
  • assessing risks and providing intensive short-term crisis counselling for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, disasters and other crises

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