ICT Business Analyst

Also known as BA (ICT), Business Consultant (ICT).
Identifies and communicates with users to formulate and produce a requirements specification to create system and software solutions.
Training time 1 year
Average pay $96,636
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 6,200

How do I become an ICT Business Analyst in Victoria?

To work as an ICT Business Analyst in Victoria, you'll need:
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology Business Analysis
  • Recommended

  • Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology

What does an ICT Business Analyst do?

  • Works with users to formulate and document business requirements
  • Identifies, investigates, and analyses business processes, procedures and work practices
  • Identifies and evaluates inefficiencies and recommends optimal business practices, and system functionality and behaviour
  • Uses project management methodologies, principles and techniques to develop project plans and to cost, resource and manage projects
  • Takes responsibility for deploying functional solutions, such as creating, adopting and implementing system test plans, which ensure acceptable quality and integrity of the system
  • Creates user and training documentation, and conducting formal training classes
  • Develops functional specifications for use by system developers
  • using data and process modelling techniques to create clear system specifications for the design and development of system software


  • Business Systems Analyst

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