Livestock Farm Worker (other)

Also known as Deer Farm Worker, Emu Farm Worker, Goat Herder, Ostrich Farm Worker, Piggery Worker.
This occupation group covers Livestock Farm Workers not elsewhere classified.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $41,223
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 10,100

What does a Livestock Farm Worker (other) do?

  • patrolling, inspecting and reporting on the condition of livestock
  • providing livestock with feed and water
  • assisting with maintaining the health and welfare of livestock
  • mustering and droving livestock to milking or shearing sheds and between paddocks to ensure sufficient feed is available
  • washing and cleaning udders, and attaching milking machines to udders and milking livestock
  • collecting eggs and placing in incubators
  • herding livestock for shearing
  • cleaning stables or hatcheries
  • performing minor repairs on fixtures, buildings and fences

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