Clay Processing Factory Worker

Also known as Clay Processing Labourer.
Performs routine tasks in manufacturing clay and ceramic products such as loading clay into machines, stacking products on kiln cars, pallets and trolleys, and moving kiln cars and trolleys to and from kilns, dryers, sorting, storage and shipping areas.
Training time 2 years
Average pay $47,391
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 100

What does a Clay Processing Factory Worker do?

  • sourcing, weighing and mixing raw materials, and loading into machines
  • wrapping products, and filling, labelling and sealing containers by hand and machine
  • storing and stacking finished products, and cleaning machines and work areas
  • inspecting and grading products
  • assembling components and subassemblies for further processing and to make finished products


  • Brick Handler
  • Carousel Minder
  • Kiln Labourer

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