Wood and Wood Products Factory Worker

Also known as Wood and Wood Products Labourer.
Performs routine tasks in a wood processing and timber product factory such as placing logs on equipment and conveyors, assisting with measuring and cutting of materials, and setting up and operating plant equipment.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $42,290
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 800

What does a Wood and Wood Products Factory Worker do?

  • rolling logs from trucks and conveyors to log decks, saw carriages and stacking bays
  • placing logs and wood billets onto conveyors and lathes for processing into chips, veneers and pulp
  • sorting and stacking timber during milling
  • placing timber for processing by machines and unloading cut timber from tail end of machines
  • assisting with setting up and operating plant and ancillary equipment used in the manufacture of sheets and boards
  • transporting processed wood products, such as plywood, chipboard sheets and panels, to work areas
  • clearing blockages in machines
  • assisting with measuring and cutting materials
  • packing and loading finished products for transportation


  • Hardboard Factory Worker
  • Joinery Factory Worker
  • Particleboard Factory Worker
  • Plywood Factory Worker

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