Railway Track Worker

Also known as Railway Fettler.
Lays and repairs tracks for railways, tramways, quarries and mines, and installs and repairs signals and other equipment.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $82,651
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 400

What does a Railway Track Worker do?

  • spreading and tamping ballast to provide firm foundation for sleepers
  • cutting rails to length and grinding worn and rough rail ends
  • placing sleepers across roadbeds, and positioning and fastening rails on sleepers
  • drilling bolt holes, and bolting and welding rail sections
  • removing and replacing worn and damaged rails, sleepers and switches
  • cleaning and lubricating switches
  • examining track, lubricating wheel bearings on rolling stock and maintaining switch signal lamps
  • installing and repairing signals and other equipment


  • Track Inspector

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