Forklift Driver

Also known as Fork Truck Operator, Forklift Operator.
Operates a forklift to move bulk materials, containers, crates, palletised goods, cartons and bales. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 6 months - 2 years
Average pay $53,385
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 18,900

What does a Forklift Driver do?

  • operating controls to align forklifts and raise and lower forks to stack and unstack items in warehouses, factories, timber yards and shipping terminals
  • operating forklifts which run on rails or use electronic guidance systems to control movements in narrow aisles
  • transporting goods to designated areas in warehouses, factories, timber yards and shipping terminals
  • ensuring goods are stored in correct areas so that they can be easily located when orders are made up
  • monitoring equipment operation visually through gauges and instruments and through computerised monitoring equipment
  • inspecting and controlling equipment to identify wear and damage
  • servicing and performing minor repairs and adjustments to forklifts


  • Reach Truck Operator

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