Glass Production Machine Operator

Operates machines to manufacture molten glass and shape glassware products such as containers, sheet glass, structural and stained glass, glass lenses and prisms.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $66,884
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 600

What does a Glass Production Machine Operator do?

  • monitoring the flow of clay and other raw materials and products into machines, and adjusting valves and controls to specifications
  • positioning clay and stone on machines to be cut and worked
  • operating concrete mixing, stacking and splitting machines
  • setting up and installing moulds and other machine fixtures
  • setting up and operating glass-making machines to produce molten glass, and regulating temperature of molten glass
  • pressing and blowing glass into moulds to form glassware products
  • collecting and examining samples for conformity to specifications and adjusting machine settings accordingly
  • setting grinding and cutting edges


  • Glass Furnace Operator
  • Glass Laminating Operator
  • Glass Maker
  • Glass Melt Operator
  • Glass Toughening Operator
  • Glassware Maker

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