Sales Assistant (General)

Also known as Retail Sales Assistant.
Sells goods and services, such as food, clothing, hardware, household appliances, office supplies and cosmetics, in a retail or wholesale establishment.
Training time 23 weeks - 2 years
Average pay $30,089
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 144,400

What does a Sales Assistant (General) do?

  • determining customer requirements and advising on product range, price, delivery, warranties and product use and care
  • demonstrating and explaining to customers the establishment's goods and services
  • selling food, beverages, clothing, footwear and other personal and household goods and services
  • accepting payment for goods and services by a variety of payment methods and preparing sales invoices
  • assisting with the ongoing management of stock such as product inventories and participating in stocktakes


  • Clothing Sales Assistant
  • Cosmetic Sales Assistant
  • Fast Food Sales Assistant
  • Hardware Sales Assistant

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