Warehouse Administrator

Administers and coordinates storage and distribution operations within an organisation.
Training time 52 weeks - 24 months
Average pay $64,076
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 7,700

What does a Warehouse Administrator do?

  • requisitioning supplies from stock and sending orders to production departments and other firms
  • confirming completion of orders and compliance with details specified, signing tally sheets and attaching to checked items
  • receiving and checking purchase requests against inventory records and stock on hand
  • examining orders and compiling data for production schedules
  • checking inventories and preparing delivery schedules
  • examining containers to ensure that they are filled, and recording quantities
  • investigating and identifying supply sources and preparing and processing purchase orders
  • providing price and other information about goods to prospective customers
  • counting incoming stock and reconciling it with requisitions, and updating inventory and stock location records

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