Contract Administrator

Also known as Contract Officer.
Prepares, interprets, maintains, reviews and negotiates variations to contracts on behalf of an organisation.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $78,066
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,900

How do I become a Contract Administrator in Victoria?

To work as a Contract Administrator in Victoria, you'll need:
  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration)
  • Or

  • Diploma of Government (Investigations)
  • Recommended

  • Relevant industry experience
  • Computer literacy

What does a Contract Administrator do?

  • Develops, reviews and negotiates variations to contracts, programs, projects and services
  • Responds to inquiries and resolves problems concerning contracts, programs, projects, services provided, and persons affected
  • Manages paperwork associated with contracts, programs, projects and services provided
  • Works with Project Managers, Architects, Engineering Professionals, owners and others to ensure that goals are met
  • Advises senior management on matters requiring attention and implementing their decisions
  • Oversees work by contractors and reports on variations to work orders
  • Prepares and reviews submissions and reports concerning the organisation's activities
  • Collects and analyses data associated with projects undertaken, and reporting on project outcomes

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