Outdoor Adventure Instructor

Also known as Outdoor Adventure Leader.
Provides adventure-based experiential education in outdoor adventure and bushcraft.
Training time 1 - 2 years
Average pay $32,112
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,100

What does an Outdoor Adventure Instructor do?

  • meeting members of a tour on arrival and making introductions
  • organising and supervising groups involved in outdoor adventures such as bungy jumping, fishing and hunting, mountaineering, trekking and whitewater rafting
  • setting up and maintaining equipment, and ensuring that equipment is safe and in working condition
  • demonstrating and providing instruction in the use of equipment and techniques required for participation
  • providing advice on safety measures, and ensuring that activities are conducted in a manner to minimise risk to participants
  • responding to emergencies by providing first aid assistance and taking appropriate further action if required
  • answering questions and advising on local interest points within a specific region


  • Abseiling Instructor
  • Adventure Challenge Instructor
  • Hang-gliding Instructor
  • Outdoor Education Teacher
  • Outdoor Pursuits Instructor
  • Paragliding Instructor
  • Rock Climbing Instructor

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