Before you enrol in a course
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Before you enrol in a course

Help & advice

Know your rights

When you pay for training, you have the same rights as when you buy any product or service in Australia: you are covered by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Before you enrol or enter into an agreement with a training provider, they must give you information about:

  • the training, assessment and support services they provide, and
  • your rights and obligations.

Before you sign an enrolment contract

It's worth doing some research when you are choosing a training provider as fees, services and study options can vary, even for the same course.

It's also a good idea to find out if you're eligible for government-subsidised training. If you're eligible, and the course is subsidised, the training provider will do an assessment to confirm your eligibility when you enrol.

Check your eligibility

Use the Eligibility Checker to find out if you might be eligible for government-subsidised training.

An enrolment contract is a legally binding contract, so it's worth taking the time to read it carefully.

Before you sign an enrolment contract, you can ask the training provider about the fees. You can ask for:

  • an itemised list of fees (statement of fees), including tuition fees, books and materials fees, and student service fees, and when they’re due
  • information about concessions or refunds, and how to claim them
  • the 'census date' – the last day you can withdraw from the course without losing any of the fees you've paid.

For more information about fees, see Understand fees and funding.

Before you sign an enrolment contract, make sure you:

  • read the enrolment contract carefully
  • look out for any hidden fees, such as fees for withdrawing
  • understand the details of any offers or incentives
  • get advice about the contract if you don’t understand it.

Never sign an enrolment contract:

  • if the training provider pressures you to sign
  • if you think you've been misled
  • if anything in the contact seems unfair
  • if the contract is blank.

Problems with a training provider

If you have problems with a training provider before or after you enrol, see Make a complaint about training.