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Rehabilitation Therapies





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Rehabilitation Therapies

Rehabilitation Therapies is the study of the practices and principles that restore a person to an optimal quality of life. It includes treating individuals so that they can return to normal duties after being affected by accident or disease.

The main purpose of this field of education is to develop an understanding of normal and abnormal movement and mobility, and the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiopulmonary systems. It also involves developing an understanding of the principles and practice of rehabilitation using a variety of activities, and the development of speech and its interrelationship with language and personality development.

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About government-subsidised training

Students may be eligible for government-subsidised training. This is only offered by training providers who have a contract with the Victorian Government to deliver government-subsidised training.

If you're eligible, the government will contribute to the cost of the training.

Finding government-subsidised training

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For information regarding subsidies for 2016, please contact the training provider.

Government-subsidised training is marked with this symbol Government-subsidised training available

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