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Becoming a Nursing Support Worker
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Becoming a Nursing Support Worker

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Also known as Assistant in Nursing.
Provides limited patient care under the direction of nursing staff.
Training time 0.5 - 1 year
Avg. weekly wage $1,112
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 14,500

How do I become a Nursing Support Worker in Victoria?

To work as a Nursing Support Worker in Victoria, you'll need:
    • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
    • Completed traineeship


    • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
    • Certificate II in Health Support Services

What does a Nursing Support Worker do?

  • Assists patients with their personal care needs such as showering, dressing and eating
  • Assists patients with their mobility and communication needs
  • Participates in planning the care of individuals
  • Follows therapy plans such as interventions to assist those with dementia and behavioural problems
  • Observes and reports changes in patients' condition, and reporting complaints about care
  • Assists with rehabilitation exercises, basic treatment and delivering medications


  • Paramedical Aide

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