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Residential Care Officer
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Residential Care Officer

Help & advice

Provides care and supervision for children or disabled persons in group housing or institutional care.
Training time 0.5 - 3 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,442
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 13,600

What does a Residential Care Officer do?

  • assessing clients' needs and planning, developing and implementing educational, training and support programs
  • interviewing clients and assessing the nature and extent of difficulties
  • monitoring and reporting on the progress of clients
  • referring clients to agencies that can provide additional help
  • assessing community need and resources for health, welfare, housing, employment, training and other facilities and services
  • liaising with community groups, welfare agencies, government bodies and private businesses about community issues and promoting awareness of community resources and services
  • supporting families and providing education and care for children and disabled persons in adult service units, group housing and government institutions
  • supervising offenders on probation and parole
  • assisting young people to solve social, emotional and financial problems

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