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Becoming a Power Generation Plant Operator
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Becoming a Power Generation Plant Operator

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Operates boilers, turbogenerators and associated plant to generate electrical power. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time - No data available -
Avg. weekly wage $2,913
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 1,900

What does a Power Generation Plant Operator do?

  • controlling equipment performing continuous and batch processes to process chemicals and natural gas, manufacture refined petroleum products, and blend petroleum base stocks to produce commercial fuels, lubricating oils and asphalt
  • controlling the preparation, measuring and feeding of raw material and processing agents such as catalysts and filtering media into plant
  • patrolling and inspecting equipment to ensure proper operation and setting operating controls on equipment
  • analysing samples and readings and recording test data
  • controlling records of production, quantities transferred and details of blending and pumping operations
  • checking equipment for malfunctions and arranging maintenance
  • operating power generation plant controls to produce required load
  • monitoring operation of power generation plant and interpreting instrument readings
  • authorising procedures to isolate high-voltage and low-voltage electrical apparatus and plant
  • writing reports and maintaining records on equipment performance, instrument readings and switching operations


  • Hydro-electric Station Operator
  • Power Generation Turbine Room Operator

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