Becoming a Print Finisher
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Becoming a Print Finisher

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Binds books and other publications, and finishes printed products by hand or machine.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $47,638
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 700

What does a Print Finisher do?

  • setting up and supervising the operation of automatic binding and finishing equipment
  • binding full, half and limp-bound books, and repairing bindings
  • folding, collating and sewing signatures by machine and hand
  • operating paper guillotines for pre-press and post-press paper cutting and trimming, and programming electronically operated units
  • operating systems to insert printed material into newspapers, magazines and envelopes
  • embellishing printed products automatically and manually
  • operating photographic and electronic reproduction devices
  • preparing stencils using computer and hand-cut methods
  • selecting, mixing and matching coloured inks and loading into screen printing presses


  • Mailhouse Operator
  • Paper Guillotine Operator (Bookbinding)

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